Rachael Nicole Gold is a producer, arranger, composer/songwriter as well as a studio & touring musician . She studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She graduated from the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles where she studied arranging and composition under legendary orchestrator/composers such as Dick Grove, Nelson Riddle, Clare Fischer, Tom Scott and Lalo Schifrin. 



Rachael Nicole Gold

Rachael Nicole Gold


Mellow Moments - Al Raitano 
Life On Mars - Dexter Wansel (PIR Records) 
Streetwise -Friends To Lovers - Gary Herbig ( Headfirst/ K-Tel Records) 
VoyagerDexter Wansel (CBS/PIR Records) 
What The World Is Coming To-Dexter Wansel (PIR Records) 
A Desert Breeze Christmas (Melonball Records) 
Heart – Kathy Sledge 
Wolves At My Door – Annie Moscow (Melonball Records)
Ain’t The Blues Evil – Doug MacLeod 
Same River Twice – Leland Rogers 
Jean Carn - Jean Carn (PIR Records) 
Happy Just To Be With You – Jean Carn (PIR Records) 
The Best Of Jean Carn & The Jones Girls-1998 (Recall ) 
Closer Than Close:The Best Of Jean Carn 1999 (Capitol) 
Jean Carn/Happy To Be With You 2004 (Phila Int./Westside) 
Chickens, Oranges & Other Funny Stuff – Melonball (Melonball Records)
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder Blues - Sarge Lintecum  
Land Of The Diamond Sun – Melonball (Melonball Records)
Let Em In – Billy Paul (PIR Records) 
Only The Strong Survive-Billy Paul (PIR Records) 
Sister Sledge Live – Sister Sledge 
And Now..Sledge..Again-Sister Sledge 
Family Affair – Sister Sledge 
The Sisters – Sister Sledge (Cotillion/Atlantic Records)


ProCopy (2007)  
Vitamist (2005)  
Fort McDowell Casino (2004)  
Cash Deal  
One-Rate Long Distance  
Harris’ Steakhouse Restaurants  
The Wigwam Resort  
PJ Inc.  
Midas Muffler  
Do It! Real Estate Prep.Series (CD-ROM)  
The Registry Resort  
Marakay Homes  
Budweiser (Sister Sledge)  
Circuit City Sound Machine (1988)  
Infinite Hourglass (1980)Station I.D. & background music -WDAS Radio, Philadelphia

Mysteries Of The World – MFSB 1980 (CBS/PIR Records ) 
First Ladies Of Philadelphia Soul-1999
MFSB & Gamble & Huff Orchestra (Music Club) 
Mysteries Of The World 1999 Import 
Paper Cathedrals- Peter Torsiello 
A Little Help From My Friends- Jack Radavich 
NewMix-Lamb (Sparrow Records) 
Visible-Annie Moscow 
Phoenix-Annie Moscow 

Pepe’s Big Chance-Sirocco (2007)  
Tears In My Heart – Hiromi Asai
 (Funhouse/Sony – Japan/ Also performed by Sarah Vaughn)  
All Of My Love – Kathy Sledge ( Epic Records)  
Seesaw – Denise LaSalle (Malaco Records)  
Voyager – Dexter Wansel ( CBS Records)  
The Very Best Of Dexter Wansel (Recall)  
Voyager/Time is Slipping Away (Edsel)   
For The Children – Sister Sledge  
True Love – And Now…Sledge..Again/Sister Sledge  
Live/Center Stage Live/Sister Sledge Live in Concert  
Pretty Please -Joe C. Jones



Mike Dies (Soundtrack) - Video Game
They Don’t Scare Me – Mickey Mouse (2007) –
 Halloween Greeting Sound Card
(Hallmark/Walt Disney) 
Set The Record Straight ( “Down Home” (Paramount Pictures)  
Flowers In The Attic – temp score for film (Fries Entertainment) 
Philadelphia Uncovered 1999 (P.I.R)
Bag People – Documentary- Phila.(PBC)   
Captain Harlock & The Queen Of 10,000 Years – 
 (Syndicated animated show -Harmony Gold) 
Children's Classics -  (Syndicated animated show -Harmony Gold) 
Eye On Hollywood – (Evening entertainment syndicated show) 
You Had Me Bubblin’ – “Greasewood Flats” Film
Savage Harbor ( temp score for film) 
Scarecrows (Film) -Score  
Circuit City Sound Machine – Circuit City 
Hubble (Score & Sound EFX) - Arizona Science Center 
SuperNova (Score & Sound EFX) – Arizona Science Center  
Laser Show (Score & Sound EFX) -Arizona Science Center  
Jurrassic Planet  (Score & Sound EFX)-Arizona Science Center  
If The Earth Were The Size Of A Baseball  (Score & Sound EFX)– Arizona Science Center  
Fly With Me (Score & Sound EFX)– Arizona Science Center 
BornTo Be Pretty – Savage Harbor ( film)   
I See The Moon (Score & Sound EFX)– St. Louis Science Center